YLabs recognizes that common corporate practices disproportionately harm those most marginalized members of society — including people of color, people from working class backgrounds, women, and LGBTQ people. We believe that these communities must be centered in the work we do. Hence we strongly encourage all applicants.


YLabs is seeking a Research Director to bring creativity and public health expertise to our team to design and scale social innovation projects that improve health and economic opportunity for young people globally. Working at the cutting edge of design, you’ll help launch, manage, and evaluate innovations in adolescent health. Hand-in-hand with our project pattern organizations, you will design and implement and evaluation of our newly created mobile platform with both youths and medical providers. As the Research Director, you will develop and oversee all monitors and evaluation efforts, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.


YLabs is seeking a Director of Finance and Operations for a key position on our operations team. You will play a critical role on our senior leadership team as YLabs continues to enhance its quality programming and build capacity. A successful candidate will be a hands-on, participative manager and will lead and develop an internal team to support the following areas: finance, business planning, and operations. This is an opportunity for a finance and operations leader to maximize and strengthen the internal capacity of a fast-paced, high-impact organization. Find out more.


YLabs is seeking a Communications Designer to join our growing design team. You will work on a variety of projects to help design creative, impactful solutions to improve young people’s health and economic opportunity globally. You will also work collaboratively with our communications team on internal branding, marketing, and communication tools. Find out more.


YLabs is seeking a Senior Design Strategist to take a leadership role on our design team. You will lead a multidisciplinary team to design creative, impactful solutions to improve young people’s health and economic opportunity globally. You will use your expertise in service design and human-centered design to lead projects, facilitate workshops, and build capacity for your team members, our partners, and young people. You will collaborate with communities and partners to understand community perspectives, local systems, and how to design for scale. You will design, build and test prototypes, and support our partners to implement successful solutions. Find out more.


YLabs is seeking two current students with experience in health communications, public health, marketing, journalism or public relations for an engaging summer practicum opportunity. You will help design, promote, and disseminate impactful solutions to improve young people’s sexual health and economic opportunity around the world. Find out more.


YLabs is seeking an Instructional Designer to fill a key contract position on our multidisciplinary team. You will support our team as we complete a two-year, three-country project with your experience creating train the trainer guides, tools to collect user feedback and adaptive monitoring frameworks for education or health programs. This full time contract position is based in our US office in Berkeley, CA and will run April 1st through June 21st, depending on project needs. Find out more.


YLabs is seeking a Communications Designer for a full-time contract position to create a presentation deck for key project stakeholders and implementation guide for our partners. You will work collaboratively with our project team that is designing creative, impactful solutions to improve young people’s health and economic opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. This is a full-time, three-week contract position that will run March 25th- April 19th in addition to a estimated five-week contract that will run May 1st - June 21st.


YLabs is seeking a design strategy pro to join our team for a 19-week contract. You will work at the cutting edge of design and innovation with a multidisciplinary team to prototype and refine health solutions that improve young people’s lives in sub-Saharan Africa. The ideal candidate is fluent in the human-centered design process from research to implementation and has proven experience leading a team through it. This is a full time contact position that will run from the end of March through the end of July and includes international travel to sub-Saharan Africa. Find out more.