Getting to Know Our Team: Mireille Sekamana

YLabs is thrilled to welcome Mireille to our team as a Technical Coordinator to help pilot and launch CyberRwanda, an interactive and inspirational Direct to Consumer (DTC) platform that seamlessly integrates employment skills with on-demand health information and products for Rwandan youth. Mireille is an accomplished design researcher who uses her voice to help young people in her home town of Kigali, Rwanda. Find out more about Mireille here!

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The Beyond Bias Partnership - A New Solution to an Old Problem

Provider bias is not a new problem, but it is a problem that requires new approaches, writes Pathfinder International Project Director Lydia Murithi. Beyond Bias takes a new, interdisciplinary approach to addressing this longstanding human condition by developing, testing, and refining new, innovative, scalable solutions that address provider bias.

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